Apology & DtE is still alive and kicking!

I must apologize for leaving the blog in the state of…uhh neglect. Guess you may already know that we are indeed at the peak of our..shall I say, too much to handle at the moment? Spoke to Contramen the other day, and he too is in fact, being occupied at the moment. But he gave me a word that a new review is coming soon. As for me I can’t promise anything but I might come up with something. I’m not gonna bitch about my day job here but mannn, it’s too much to handle. But, forget it okay? Now, feast your eyes while we excuse ourselves.Oh yea we might be back in 2 or 3 weeks time,MAYBE. hahahahaha! Have fun watching Kara – Mister. Damn sexy Koreans, I should get one as my girlfriend. Lol. Oh and watch out the butt dance! Shit okay I’m going off now. Ta!
Deadmau5 2011,bitch!
A is for Anomaly

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